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11 Apr 2018 | 3D printing, 3D printer, 3D scan, rapid prototyping I by Viktor Seres

It is no coincidence that 3D printing is called a new industrial revolution: the emergence of 3D models has enabled the 3D modeling of three-dimensional objects that can be improved at an early stage of development, which saves time, but more importantly, it saves a lot of costs as well.  What are the biggest challenges in this field and how does technical progress address these challenges? This article summarizes the possibilities of 3D printing and the latest technological solutions. 

3D Printing:

Importance, New opportunities

Successful companies invest a lot of energy in development, because they know that the success of a product hinges on the start of the design process: 70% of the costs can be influenced in the early stages of development, and we can only achieve minimal results with production optimization afterwards.  

In addition to reducing costs, it is particularly important to keep deadlines accurate. In the case of innovative products, the timely appearance on the market is indispensable, which may be delayed even by weeks due to a late/subsequent design modification or a failed mold test. 

3D printing has opened up new opportunities in a number of industrial areas, as product modeling can be done quickly and cost-effectively, even in an office environment, by producing the prototypes with the smallest details. The work of engineers, product designers, designers, mold designers or even doctors, jewelers is facilitated by rapid prototyping today, which helps to eliminate early mistakes during product development.  

Changing market trends – Continous technological renewal

However, 3D printing, like all technological innovations, has to adapt to changing market trends day by day. Whether the raw material is rubbery simulation polypropylene, liquid photopolymer, nylon, titanium, resin or metal, it should represent the model imagined during design, in perfect quality and accuracy.  

We use our 3D printing methods to meet the industry's changing expectations: our prototyping machines can produce components in high resolution and precision from materials of different qualities and colors. As part of our strategic development, many 3D printer purchases have been made over the past few years, so we are able to produce high-quality prototypes of different materials in-house.  Our extensive range of equipment options allows us to provide a wide range of services, so that we can meet our customers' requests to produce the most cost-effective and reliable modeling of the product. 

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