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Smart ECG monitor

Design | Product Development | Prototyping | Mold manufacturing | Injection Molding

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Proper nutrition and regular exercise are essential for our health. Our heart is our most precious treasure and it is subjected to extreme stress during sport. HeartBit is a smart ECG monitoring device that makes real-time measurements with sensors unnoticeably integrated into your T-shirt. With this device, the most common circulatory abnormalities can be detected immediately. Measured data can be used to create a personalized workout program that is tailored to the current condition of your heart.

During the short 6 months available for a complex product development, we have achieved the expected high product quality thanks to our integrated product development process. During the design process, the geometry of the parts and manufacturability studies were carried out in parallel, together with the Moldflow injection molding simulation. During the design phase, in-house 3D printing technologies (Polyjet, SLS, SLA, FDM) assisted the testing of the components. Our product designers, simulation engineers and injection mold tool designers worked together and shared knowledge for months to ensure the best technical solutions for all parts. Cooperation between our experts made it possible deliver a premium product to our customer in a short lead time.

|  Customer: Wearable Health Zrt.

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CES 2017 - Top10 Finalist at European American Pitch Awards Competition

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