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Intelligent baby formula maker

Design | Product Development | Prototyping | Patent​

Unfortunately, breast milk is often unavailable or not enough for many mothers, thus these parents have to feed their children with different baby formulas. However, this process requires a lot of time and energy. Hoito offers a simple solution to this problem.

The award-winning intelligent baby formula maker is the right choice for parents of 0-3 year olds, as it makes everyday formula preparation simple and convenient. This device prepares the required formula always in the required amount and at the right temperature. Thanks to its innovative mixing solution, preparation takes only a few seconds, while the closed system guarantees perfect quality for every feeding. At the end of the process, the machine itself doesn’t have to be washed and disinfected, only the baby bottle. As part of the integrated product development process, environmental considerations have also been prioritized, as both the materials used and the collection system of the formula containers reduce the environmental impact. The device can be remotely controlled with the Hoito app. The app can store profiles of multiple children and the integrated artificial intelligence can help parents properly feed their babies.

The product is the result of thorough research. This research has provided a solid base for technical design, the manufacturing technology and the choice of raw materials to be used in production. The concept takes into account the hygiene and usage requirements for baby formula preparation. A quality design with a clean, extremely elegant and timeless character has been consciously chosen for the machine.

Endless care – this is HOITO! 

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|  Customer: X-Plast Ltd.


Hungarian Design Award Concept Category Winner 2019

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