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Smart insulin dosing device

Design | Product Development | Prototyping | Mold manufacturing | Injection Molding

In many cases the insulin-treated diabetics do not administrate blood glucose levels and insulin data properly so that abnormal or inaccurate patterns cannot be detected in time. Delayed treatment contributes to several otherwise preventable health complications and the deaths of more than 4 million diabetics worldwide each year.

INDOO is a revolutionary smart insulin dosing device that takes diabetes treatment to a whole new level by transforming your disposable and/or reusable insulin pen to a smart device. INDOO automatically records and organizes your personal insulin dosage data so that all information is available to the physician for proper treatment.

X-Plast has been involved in the project from the beginning of the product design process and was responsible for the design, development and manufacturing. During the product development process, the close cooperation of our product designers, tool designers and simulation specialists enabled a high level of compliance with the requirements. We are very proud for creating a product family that is compatible with the most used insulin pens on the market. This was a big technical challenge as each pen operates in a different way and we wanted to use universal components that fit for all insulin pens. In order to achieve this, the development process was accompanied by several testing and inspection steps. Injection molding of the finished products and supervision of the production processes also took place in-house.

In addition to the development of plastic products, X-Plast was also involved in the design of the mobile application and packaging for the product, which allowed us to complete the user experience.

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|  Customer: X-Plast Ltd.

German Design Award Winner 2022

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