Monitoring System

Industrial Design  |  Product Development  |  Prototyping 

The aim of the IoT system, created in cooperation with the world’s leading brake equipment manufacturer (Knorr Bremse), is to ensure the more efficient and safer operation of rail transport. This product enables continuous monitoring of the braking devices of the railway assemblies. With real-time data, the operator can make quick and well-grounded decisions, and take immediate action.

Contrary to our devices in daily use, the life cycle of a railway vehicle can be measured in decades, which poses many design challenges. The timeless design created in the design process should be both current and future-proof. When designing the cover for this industrial IoT product, the optimal use of space and the perfect implementation of the braking systems of the railway vehicle were particularly important.

|  Customer: Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek Kft.

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-   Introduced at InnoTrans 2018