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28 Apr 2020 | 3D printing, Sustainability I by Viktor Seres

As a company developing and manufacturing plastic parts, in 2019 we expressed our gratitude to our key customers in an unusual way. With our self-designed Christmas gift, PlantBox, our partners could plant their own office plant and then they sent photos of their development to support the environmental goals of the Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke (“Eco-Generation of the Future” – JÖN) foundation.

Environmentally conscious

custom solutions

PlantBox is a fully recyclable gift box containing a custom designed flowerpot made with 3D printing, a special  flowerbed made from office paper waste (, sufficient potting soil for planting and a custom designed user manual. 

The designing of PlantBox was preceded by careful research to find the gift expressing environmental awareness that encourages our partners and clients to participate actively. We considered it important to familiarize our customers with the environmentally conscious approach that defines our company philosophy and to be able to participate in our environmental efforts with the help of PlantBox.  The planning was real teamwork, during which we printed out the design created by our award-winning designers, with the help of our engineers, on our FDM machine in our 3D lab made of decomposable PLA raw material from sustainable sources. 

Working together for
a sustainable future

We have personally delivered each gift box to our customers to familiarize them with our environmental approach and aspirations. It is a great pleasure for the team that PlantBox has succeeded in raising awareness amongst employees and managers of small, medium and large companies that we can work together to protect our environment. So we can say that not only the products we have designed are present at our customers, but now the plants of X-Plast also decorate the desks of the staff of Audi Hungária Zrt., Knorr-Bremse Vasúti Járműrendszerek Zrt. and Phoenix Mecano Zrt. 


The JÖN Foundation is one of the most dynamic and active multi-award winning 21st century environmental organization of Hungary. Their aim is to protect our environment and to raise awareness. The X-Plast team can fully identify with their thinking and environmental actions. It meant a lot to us that this ambitious young team was happy to join our creative gift idea. 

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