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Industrial design  |  Product design

As designers, our goal is to design products that meet the needs of the target group for usability and appearance.

Through the relationship between man and object we understand the world around us, so we give an intuitive answer to its dynamic changes. 
We take responsibility for our potential workable product ideas and development directions.


A good design is a combination of necessity, simplicity, and completeness that affects our emotions and our senses.

The end result we offer is a durable, user-friendly and aesthetic product.

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Collecting information | Market Analysis | Brainstorming

After defining the problem, we determine the roots of the problem thorough research and detailed information gathering, and analyze the facts. After presenting the opportunities and ideas, we determine the design direction and the goal to be achieved together with the client.



Brand Identity | Design philosophy

We develop the design directions in the spirit of the values of the existing/new brand. Considering the economic, technical, psychological, sociological and cultural relationships of man and object, we build a relevant design strategy.



Collecting Inspiration | Sketching | Concept Drawing 

In many cases, an idea is born first on paper. Following the predefined design strategy, the process is supported by collecting inspirations and mood montages.

Sketches, form variations and a conceptual drawing are created for product concept thus developed, from which the imagined shape character is outlined.

Virtuális modell


Formal model | Photorealistic renders

The use of 3D design software is essential in the more advanced phase of a concept. 

Several 3D models are made of the selected product concept, which will be used to make photo-realistic visual designs.

At this stage of development, due consideration of the manufacturing technology based on the relevant competencies is essential.



3D printing customized


With the support of our well-equipped prototype laboratory, the creation of tangible prototypes is an integral part of our development process. Using various technologies (SLS, SLA, Polyjet, FDM, DMLS), we are able to make finished product-like prototypes in addition to form and ergonomic testing and operational checks. 

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