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Material Selection | Injection Molding Simulation  | 

Production Optimization | Device Design

Simulation aided part design
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It is impossible to develop products that meet the ever-increasing market demands, or to design components in the global market competition without the use of state-of-the-art software and skilled professionals. 

Our trained team provides support from the selection of raw materials in the early stages of development through the creating of a geometry fit for production supported by Moldflow injection molding simulation to product manufacturing.

A good design is a combination of necessity, simplicity, and completeness that results in a durable, user-friendly and aesthetic product.

Material selection using ANSYS Granta CES Selector



Finding Alternatives  |  Raw Material Testing


In addition to excellent design, choosing the right raw material is also essential to create the perfect product. With CES Selector’s database, the most complex material selection task can be solved using our special tools. 

Through a transparent methodology, we provide an efficient development process for injection molded/3D printed products.


  • Choosing the right raw material for product development,

  • Product weight reduction, 

  • Validating the selected raw material,

  • Exporting raw material data (S-N curves, etc.). 


Product Geometry | Mold Optimization | Process Optimization

Using Autodesk Moldflow, we can also optimize your product, mold and technology with a comprehensive injection molding simulation. This software, which can be considered as a virtual injection molding machine, can be used to detect faults or difficulties in the manufacturing of a product. Analyzes can be used to identify product design gaps before the injection mold is completed, thus preventing a significant portion of costly and time-consuming retrofit modifications. For many products, long cycle times and product warping are due to inadequate cooling of the mold, which can be optimized in the software. One of the biggest advantages of Autodesk Moldflow products against its market competitors (Moldex 3D, Sigmasoft, Rem3D, etc.) is the reliability of the results, which is ensured by a database containing nearly 10,000 commercially available raw materials. This database maintained with regular updates and additional measurements ensures that fiber orientation and the warping of the product are determined as accurate as possible in a virtual environment.

As a proof of our quality services, our company was the first in Hungary to receive the worldwide recognized Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Certified Associate qualification.

If you are instersted in Moldflow analysis further more,

please click here to read about analysis options.

Moldfow Fill Analysis
Finite element analysis



Static and Dymanic Analysis  |  Plastic and metal parts | FEA | Altair Solvers

In many cases, in addition to manufacturing process analysis, it is also necessary to examine the mechanical load capacity of the components in order to get an idea of the processes that take place during the use of the product. With our static, strength, dynamic, thermal, topology and shape optimization solutions based on the finite element method, we can efficiently design plastic and metal parts with the help of Altair's simulation software package (Simlab, Inspire, Optistruct, Radioss).

Our analysis portfolio includes the most commonly used procedures in the industry:


  • Linear and nonlinear static analysis,

  • Examination of natural frequency, excited oscillations and random response,

  • Stationary and transient thermal analysis,

  • Coupled analysis options,

  • Fatigue testing.


If you are instersted in FEA analysis further more,

please click here to read about analysis options.


Product dimension check | Model reconstuction | GOM ATOS 3D scan

With the help of our industrial, high-resolution GOM ATOS optical 3D coordinate measuring system, we have the opportunity to create fast and accurate 3D data. The market-leading GOM system guarantees the highest quality 3D scanning available in all conditions, therefore re-modeling accuracy of up to 0.01mm is achievable. We offer an efficient and high-quality solution for measuring parts, creating a complete production documentation or remodeling and documentation creatin based on a physical prototype. As a company , who specializes in plastic part development, we specialized in 3D scanning, remodeling and optimization of injection molding tools.

Whether it's production documentation or a worn-out injection molding tool without documentation, our experts are at your disposal.

Reverse engineering 3D scan
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