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The results of the fill analysis can be used to determine the basic characteristics of the injection molding process. In this stage of the injection molding simulation, the mold cavity is filled virtually, and we have the opportunity to eliminate numerous errors based on the results. We can get an accurate picture of what happens during the flow front advancement the formation of - if so, where - weld lines, air traps that can cause product quality defects. Based on the results of the Moldflow Fill analysis, the necessary decisions can be made in time to avoid weld line formation on visible or loaded surfaces. One of the most difficult questions is whether they actually cause a visible surface defect in the area or they will be negligible. Autodesk Moldflow Insight software allows you to display simulation results in a photorealistic way.

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Using Autodesk Moldflow, we can also optimize your product, mold and technology with a comprehensive injection molding simulation. We can detect faults or difficulties in the manufacturing of a product before series production. Analyzes can be used to identify product design gaps before the injection mold is completed, thus preventing a significant portion of costly and time-consuming retrofit modifications. For many products, long cycle times and product warping are due to inadequate cooling of the mold, which can be optimized in the software. With our market leading computational capacity, we are able to analyze extremely complex and/or large parts with short lead times. As a proof of our quality services, our company was the first in Hungary to receive the worldwide recognized Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Certified Associate qualification. 


Please fill out our Moldflow data request form and contact us for a personalized offer for injection molding simulation.


Let us optimize your plastic product, injection molding tool and manufacturing process.

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