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Whether it is a small-series sample production or a large-scale series production, you can find a reliable partner in our company in the fields of mold design, mold manufacturing, mold repair and injection molding. Some of our molds have been producing for years without problems thanks to our experience in the design and manufacture of injection molds, our high level of expertise, and proper maintenance. In order to manufacture a well-designed and aesthetic product that can be injection molded, a good mold is required whose operation is determined at the design desk. 

In addition to designing, manufacturing and repairing conventional large-format injection molds, our company also offers prototype injection molding. With the help of this method, a high quality small-series production can be realized in a short time and cost-effectively, using the same material and production technology.

Mold types that can be chosen:


  • 1-100 pieces: hybrid prototype mold (3D printed inserts)

  • 100-10,000 pieces: prototype mold (aluminum or untreated steel inserts)

  • Over 10,000 pieces: conventional injection molding tools are recommended.

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