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Polyjet technology is the market leader in dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. The special photopolymer raw material is delivered to the right place by the printheads with an accuracy of a few hundred millimeters, and then it is polymerized by UV light. The water-soluble support material can be easily removed, so the product can be used a few minutes after printing.


Layer thickness: 28 µm

Maximum dimensions: 294 x 192 x 148 mm

Raw materials: VeroWhite, VeroBlack, VeroBlue, VeroClear, Digital ABS, RGD525 (High Temp.), TangoBlack, VeroFlex

3D printed objet part
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POLYJET  |  SLS  |  MJF  |  SLA  |  DMLS  |  FDM





Innovation and continuous development are one of the key tasks of successful companies. The success of the product is determined at the early stage of the design process, even if only a fraction of the development costs is spent so far. However, these early decisions will determine 80% of the total development cost.


Due to the acceleration of product development cycles, the use of 3D printing technologies has become extremely important today. With advanced 3D printing technologies and modern raw materials, we can manufacture individual devices as well as small series of finished products in a cost-effective way, in addition to prototype components, even in a quality that is close to injection molding. Using our industrial 3D printing processes, we have optimized quite a few production lines for our customers. New opportunities have emerged for engineers, product designers, designers, mold designers, or even doctors and jewelers. Using these lightning-fast 3D printing technologies, you can have your dream product in your hand within a few hours.


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